Matteo and Sarah: PDA!

Do you think hugging and holding hands are enough to confirm the real status of Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo's relationship?

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3/31/2014 in News
Matteo and Sarah: PDA!

Last Friday, March 28, at Matteo Guidicelli’s birthday party in Pasig, Matteo and rumored girlfriend Sarah Geronimo were seen holding hands and hugging each other while singing a duet of John Legend’s “All of Me.”
When Matteo was asked if their public display of affection is proof that they are in a relationship, the actor simply answers that they just enjoyed the night.
“Dahil buong pamilya ko nandun, 'yung special friends ko and lahat lahat,” the actor adds. “I just wanted for her to have a good time, and I was having a good time so 'yun lang.”
He further adds, “I really don't want to lie. I don't want to say anything that's why I'm not denying anything. One day, I'll just wait for something to say. I don't think it has to come from me. Hindi ko po alam eh.”
Meanwhile, Matteo shares that his parents like the Popstar Princess.
“My parents don't really watch her on TV, but when they saw her, they said she's very very beautiful and they didn't expect her to be like that,” he adds. “I'm happy they all like her and they feel like she's very very beautiful.”
If Matteo’s parents approve of Sarah, the singer-actress’ family looks like they also approve of Matteo as Mommy Divine was also present at his birthday party, smiling as she watches the rumored couple singing to each other.

As Sarah was leaving the party, the actor was seen ushering the singer-actress and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
When asked if there is something special about the kiss, Matteo simply says, “Everything is special about that.”
Matteo sang “All of Me,” at his birthday production in “ASAP ’19.” Is this the theme song of the rumored couple? To know more, click here
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