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Iza Calzado's heart was first 'broken' by 'Darna'

Why did Iza Calzado lose "Darna?"

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/27/2014 in News
Iza Calzado's heart was first 'broken' by 'Darna'

Last Saturday, during the March 22 episode of “The Bottomline,” Iza Calzado reveals that she was once tapped to play the role of Darna, but eventually got dumped because she is "imperfect" physically.

“During my 2nd year in the industry, tinap nila ako para sa isang malaking role na kinakailangang mag-two piece which is Darna,” the actress recalls. “I went through operation.”

She adds, “minadali, pero di naman nabago 'yung imperfections.”

Iza lost the role to Angel Locsin.

Nevertheless, she did not hold any grudge against Angel because the actress fits the role.

“That was my first heartbreak, 'yung career heartbreak ha,” says Iza. “Ang dami kong gano'n.”

The actress further adds that she also had “Santa Santita,” where she was supposed to be partnered with forever matinee idol Aga Muhlach.

She adds, “Pero 'di pa rin enough. It was so painful.”

After those series of rejections, Iza recalls that she had another surgical operation back in 2006.

“Nagpa-lipo naman ako, thinking that it will solve things,” the actress recalls. “By 2008, bumabalik na naman 'yung weight. Sabi ko, 'Teka lang, hindi ganito ang buhay.'"

After realizing this, she was then influenced by her former boyfriend to be into healthy lifestyle and fitness.

“Pumayat ako naturally,” Iza shares. “Tapos nahilig ako sa pagtakbo.”

After that, when she was tapped to play the role of a beauty queen, she persevered more.

She adds, “Kakarerin ko talaga. Tsaka , kung meron mang imperfections, dadaanin sa shots at sa make-up. Gagawin ko 'yan. Nakalusot naman. "

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