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#QuoteFromTheStars: The Luck and Curse of Feng Shui

What you think could bring luck could also draw death and agony. Let the movie "Feng Shui" teach you that dreadful lesson.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/26/2014 in News
#QuoteFromTheStars: The Luck and Curse of Feng Shui

"May inuwi si nanay, si nanay sa bahay. Sinabit  n'ya, sinabit n'ya sa pader ng bahay. May inuwi si nanay, si nanay sa bahay, may inuwi si nanay, si nanay sa bahay. Pinasok n'ya sa bahay."

Who could easily forget this shrilling chant? This was chanted in the horror film "Feng Shui" starring the Queen of all media, Kris Aquino. This horror movie was released at a time when Asian horror films were very popular. 

"Feng Shui" enjoyed a box-office and critical success that Kris earned a new title-- Philippine's Box-office Horror Queen. Kris then made three more horror films such as "Sukob," "Dalaw," and "Segunda Mano."

 "Feng Shui (2004)," directed by Chito Roño under Star Cinema, is about the story of Joy (Kris Aquino) who receives series of good fortune and untimely deaths after bringing home a Chinese ornament Bagua, originally owned by Lotus Feet, an ancient Chinese woman who has met her death with her feet bounded by her traditional iron shoes.

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