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"Mirabella:" Team Jeremy or Team Terrence?

Who do you want to end up with Mirabella? Is it Jeremy? Or is it, Terrence?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/24/2014 in News

By Poll Salas

Who looks better with Julia Barreto- Enrique Gil or Sam Concepcion?  The two young stars compete for the love of Julia Baretto in the teleserye “Mirabella,” which premieres tonight, before TV Patrol. 

It talks about the story of a girl named Mirabella, that will tell us that true beauty lies within the good heart.
Who deserves Mirabella's good heart? Is it Jeremy (Enrique Gil)? Or Terrence (Sam Concepcion)?

Show your support if you are Team Jeremy or Team Terrence. Vote and comment away!

1. Team Jeremy
2. Team Terrence

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