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Sarah Geronimo bats Responsible Social Media Posting

Aside from being the Popstar Princess, an actress, a coach of "The Voice of the Philippines," and a commercial endorser, Sarah Geronimo is also busy advocating responsible social media posting.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/23/2014 in News
Sarah Geronimo bats Responsible Social Media Posting

In an e-mail interview, Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo reveals that she is an advocate of responsible social media posting.

Sarah admits that as a public figure, she thinks many times before posting online.

The singer-actress adds, “I try to manage my posts and see to it that I am able to practice responsible online posting.”

“But this is just me,” she enthuses. “There are other people who are comfortable in using their social networking sites to express themselves and to show the world their truest selves through their posts and statuses."

But, she adds that she respects, for whatever reasons, other people use social networking sites.

Aside from practicing responsible social media posting, Sarah shares that she believes that social networking sites should not be just used for commercial endorsements, but to create friendship with fans.

“Communicating with them through social networking sites is a way of acknowledging their importance not only as supporters, but also as friends,” she adds. “It's also a great way to interact with them and to get closer to them despite distance and time constraints.”

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