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Star Cinema Cares with Piolo Pascual

With phenomenal success of “Starting Over Again,” Piolo Pascual decided to share his blessings as he, along with Star Cinema, conducted outreach program "Star Cinema Cares" yesterday, March 18, at Ra

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/19/2014 in News
Star Cinema Cares with Piolo Pascual

The high school students welcomed the actor and Star Cinema team with the school's chorale singing movie theme songs like“Kailangan Kita” and “Got 2 Believe.”
Meanwhile, Star Cinema made students watch “Catch Me I’m in Love.”
Piolo also played a game with the students of guessing the title of Star Cinema movies.
As the students enjoy playing with Piolo, the teachers can not help but be kilig as they were mesmerized with the Ultimate Heartthrob’s good looks.
As the actor leaves, he expresses gratitude to the students, teachers and everyone for their continued support to him and Star Cinema.
He further adds, “thank you for giving me the chance to be here with you. Congratulations to the future graduates!”

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