After topping the “Hottest Young Female Star,” fans of Kim Chiu lists down why the actress deserves the number one spot.

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3/19/2014 in News

Here are what Kim Chiu’s fans have to say:
“Kim Chiu! Blockbuster movie, High rating Teleserye... Definitely she is the hottest! Bigscreen and Primetime royalty! Even hotter if paired with Xian Lim! no wonder other artist want to be associated with her name, mentioning Kim's name can make the Social Media and fans sizzle!” - mutya pendon
“NO OTHER BUT - KIM CHIU - She is a very versatile actress. She can switch to different genre and yet her acting is still very effective. She is very charming, loved by many, true person, simple, beautiful, fashionista, has big heart who loves to help others in need...and she is one celebrity that has a really strong solid followers. I don't know exactly how many groups/fans club she has all around the thing is for sure, they are MANY and they all sincerely love her....because Kim sincerely love them all too ^_^” -queenmaym
“kim chiu.... proven na kasi ... until now she is still humble and a good role model to everybody..... next is kathryn....because she is also a good person.. but si kimmy kahit anong dumaan na unos sa buhay niya she still handle her work, her life, her family... a very strong and a very decent woman..” - realclaireann
“Kim Chiu. Why? Well, first off she's got her head screwed on. Great head on her shoulders - and I don't only mean she's physically attractive. I mean she has her morals straight. She's God-fearing, knows to put her family as a priority, knows that she's in the media and is therefore a role model for the youth - strays from partying and clubbing unlike some other stars. She is also aware that showbiz isn't a thing that lasts FOR LIFE and shows that she is thinking about things for the future - she has a Julies Bakeshop branch (franchise) and also has her own wedding attire shop in a partnership with her friends and also two of the most respected fashion designers in the Philippines - Edwin Tan and Pepsi Herrera. She embraces her spotlight in such a HUMBLE and DOWN TO EARTH manner and gives back constantly to her fans. She will thank them for the smallest things and show her appreciation through her IG and Twitter posts. When a natural disaster occurs she will help out in any way she can. At Christmas she will give away food and everyday necessities for those who need them most - and she does so WILLINGLY and out of her own pocket. She is a strong woman - she has gone through hardships and every time she goes through these things .. she rises. And some people may perceive this as a bad thing as when she gets knocked down she gets up as a more mature and more wise person and doesn't let people step all over her. Kim Chiu is not only a gorgeous Chinita, she is a kind, loving, dedicated, and passionate IDOL, SISTER, FRIEND, AND DAUGHTER. And to me, it doesn't get any "hotter" than that.” - TeamForKeeps

“Kim Chiu from PBB pinag uusapan na ng madla hanggang ngayon ping uusapan pa rin at sobrang sikat atsuper achiever. Lahat ng Teleserye niya record breaker kaya napasama na siya sa Walk Of Fame 4 years pa lang siya sa showbiz and here fans are so wide especially Globals. Even in Malaysia super sikat niya at lahat ng soap niya pinapalabas dun. Yan ang sikat and last nagging Personal choice lang naman siya ng isangJACKIE CHAN himself kung di lang nasabutahe yun baka international artist na rin si kim. Meron ba nun yung iba? go kim chiu your are the best among the Rest!” - shane_blue20

Still not convinced? Watch the video here:

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