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#thenandnow: Sandara Park and Kim Chiu

Don’t you notice that there are many similarities between Sandara Park and Kim Chiu?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/14/2014 in News
#thenandnow: Sandara Park and Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu and Sandara Park are both products of reality TV shows.
Back in 2004, Sandara ranked 2nd place at “Star Circle Quest,” while Kim won as the Grand Winner of “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition” last 2006.

Their first loveteams were introduced in their respective reality shows - Hero Angeles for Sandara and Gerald Anderson for Kim.

Both loveteams were phenomenal.
They were first launched with titles. Sandara was popularly known as “Pambansang Krung-Krung,” while Kim was launched as “Chinese Cutie of Cebu.”
Also, they have released albums under Star Records.
Sandara released album, “In or Out”  with carrier single “In or Out,” while Kim released “Gwa Ai Di” with carrier single “Crazy Love.”
They are both endorsers of a shampoo brand where they both started a dance craze.
Kim sung “Kering Keri” in 2007, while Sandara sung “Walang Sabit” in 2004.
But now, both are excelling in the different paths they took, Kim is now hailed as “Drama Princess," while Sandara is one of the hottest stars in Korea.

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