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#BetYouDidntKnow: ‘In the Name of Love’ was...

Here are some interesting facts about the film “In the Name of Love.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/4/2014 in News
#BetYouDidntKnow: ‘In the Name of Love’ was...

Bet you didn’t know:

1. The story was inspired by the film “Rashomon” of Kurosawa.

2. During the pitching of the concept of the film “In the Name of Love,” it was all about tragedy, politics and drama, with a little hint of love. But with the creativity of award-winning director Olivia M. Lamasan, it was turned into a romantic drama with just hints of tragedy, politics.

3. It was based on a true story. Director Olivia M. Lamasan and Screenwriter Enrico C. Santos personally met the person who was the inspiration behind the story.

4. It was originally intended to be a dance film, but as they shot the movie, dance became a less important element and love became more and more important.

5. The intense confrontation scene between the characters of Angel Locsin, Carmi Martin and Kat Alano was deleted.

6. The scene where Garry (Aga Muhlach) and Migo (Paul Salas) met for the first time as father and son, after Garry's imprisonment, had no lines. But, it is simply one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.

7. The scene where (Aga Muhlach) was at the mirror, looking sluggish and wasted. At first, Aga was reluctant whether to do that scene, but Direk Olive convinced him because the scene is important.

8. Also, the first collaboration between Olivia M. Lamasan and Hermann Claravall and until now, from “In the Name of Love,” “The Mistress” to “Starting over Again.”

9. It took 60 days to shoot the scenes of the film, which took the Production Team of Star Cinema almost a year to get the movie ready.

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