Kimerald is back!

Kim Chiu is being paired with Xian and Coco in respective projects, but is it true that she is back in Gerald Anderson's arms?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/28/2014 in News
Kimerald is back!

Yesterday, February 26, Kim Chiu's road manager Peachy Bautista posted on her Instagram account (bautistapeachy) a photo of Kim together with  Gerald Anderson.

What is the "reunion" for? A movie? A TV show?An endorsement? 

Kimerald fans immediately commented on the photo wishing for the two to team up again in more projects.

On Instagram:

caroline0726 says: "i missed them..#kimerald"

krisjoy14 says: "super duper missed...#kimerald"

riza1127 says: "Love to see them again !:)))#kimerald"

saguirathereal says: "omg sana magkaroon na sila ng movie o kaya teleserye"

Meanwhile, on Twitter aaKimmyFierce posted another photo of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson with the caption of: “DEYM CURVES!!!!! Kim Chiu is Queen Chiu!”
@TeamForKeeps says: @aaKimmyFierce SHETPAK MAYGAHD. </33333333333333333333333

@elainewhispers says: @aaKimmyFierce @IheartKIMCHIU MY GAAAAD ganda ni KIM ...

@AJ6MyLifeQuotes says@aaKimmyFierce @IheartKIMCHIU so far lahat ng mga nakapareha ni kim chiu super bagay sa kanya because of her height, beautiful face sexy fig

Aside from Kimerald, who do you think deserves another chance? Vote here

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