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The 86th Oscar Awards Best Actor Nominees are...

Who is your bet to be the 86th Oscar Awards’ Best Actor?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/27/2014 in News
The 86th Oscar Awards Best Actor Nominees are...

As the 86th Oscar Awards is coming up, a lot of people are excited to know who will win the Best Actor Award and everyone is taking a bet on who among the nominees should win.
Is it Christian Bale from “American Hustle?” Bruce Dern from “Nebraska?” Leonardo DiCaprio from “The Wolf of Wall Street?” Chiwetel Ejiofor from “12 Years A Slave?” Or Matthew McConaughey from “Dallas Buyers Club?”
Here are some reviews about the performances of the five nominees.
According to George Grella of “City Newspaper,” Christian Bale’s acting performance in “American Hustle,” marks his versatility as an actor.
“Bale's acting deserves a good deal of praise,” he says. “After playing the lean, laconic, haunted protagonist of "Out of the Furnace," he impersonates a flamboyant, fast-talking confidence artist from the Bronx with absolute conviction.”
Kate Erbland of “Film.com” also thinks that Bale deserves a good praise as the actor perfectly suits his role in the film. "Bale seems to relish his role, truly “from the feet up,” even making his frequent hairpiece adjustments seem zippy and fun," she enthuses.
Meanwhile, as Bale’s versatility as an actor is praised; so is Bruce Dern’s brilliant performance in “Nebraska.”
According to Claudia Puig of “USA Today,” Dern definitely gave a brilliant performance. “What stands out is the fullness of the character, with mannerisms and expressions that make him wholly dimensional," she adds.
Kenneth Turan of “LA Times” also commends the performance of Dern. "None of this would have been possible, obviously, without Dern's meticulous work as the battered and baffled Woody,” he says. 

He is in impressive control here with acting that does as much with looks and body language as it does with words.”

Leonardo DiCaprio of “The Wolf of Wall Street” won’t lose either as Alonso Duralde of “The Wrap” says that the actor still surprises everyone with his performance.
“His performance goes even further, redefining his thespian abilities and branching out his screen presence into new and fascinating territories,” Alonso Duralde enthuses.
Nigel Andrews of “Film and Television” adds, “DiCaprio does everything cleverly and exuberantly while never building the character’s interest.”
Meanwhile, Andrew Pulver of “The Guardian” is amazed at Chiwetel Ejiofor of “12 Years A Slave,” as he claims that the actor has a chance to win as Best Actor with the performance he gave in the said film.
“An amazing outcome for an actor [Chiwetel Ejiofor] who never actively appears to seek the limelight,”Andrew adds.

Henry Fitzherbert of “Express” also says that Ejiofor’s performance in the film is outstanding. “Chiwetel Ejiofor is outstanding in what is a surprisingly unshowy role, communicating far more with his haunted, expressive features than he ever does with words,” he enthuses.
Matthew McConaughey’s wowed everyone with his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club,” as Andrew Borges of “DNA India” says that the actor gave an astounding performance.
“In this film, he gives an amazing performance that begins with sleaziness and prejudices which transitions to actual humanity and empathy towards the end,” he explains.
Chris Ball of Cleveland admits that he has been deeply affected by Matthew McConaughey’s performance in the film. 

“Matthew McConaughey transformed himself for the role, losing 50 pounds, reading Ron’s journals to capture his swagger, and showing incredible commitment to his craft,” he adds.
Who do you think will win the Best Actor Award in the 86th Oscar Awards?
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