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Sam Concepcion: 'I'd rather be underrated than over overrated'

Sam works hard to be good enough.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/20/2014 in News
Sam Concepcion: 'I'd rather be underrated than over overrated'

Yesterday (February 19), young director Paolo Valenciano labeled Sam Concepcion as an underrated artist during the press conference for Sam's upcoming concert "No Limitations," to be held this March 15 at the Music Museum.  
Sam humbly replies, "I'd rather be underrated than overrated. I'd rather be known to be good and passionate about my craft. I am just thankful that I am given the chance to do the things that I really love."

He was also asked why he will hold his concert in a small venue like Music Museum, while his contemporary Enrique Gil has already staged an Araneta Coliseum concert.

"I want to take my journey as a concert performer, one venue at a time," declares Sam. "Right now, I am most comfortable with Music Museum. I'll continue to work hard, and then, who knows? Maybe, I’ll hold my next concert in a bigger venue.
Asked about his "forever young" image, Sam relays that he totally can understand that it is because of his physical features and the fact that he started in showbiz when he was very young.

Sam chose to see this observation in a positive light, "'pag nagsimula ka ng early, you'll be wiser kasi you've gained a lot of experiences."

Moreover, Sam shares that he is not bothered by the fad of gaining instant popularity because he knows that dedication and passion to one's craft is really the secret to longevity.

Sam is also busy taping for the upcoming series "Mirabella."

No Limitations, produced by Hills and Dreams and line produced by STAGES, also gathers the most promising names in the concert scene – stage director Paolo Valenciano, choreographer Kevin Intal and the La Salle Dance Company- Street, and musical director Marvin Querido.
No Limitations is the title of the carrier single of his latest album Infinite, produced by Universal Records.
The concert promises to be an all-out fan-pleaser with Sam performing some of his biggest hits like Mahal Na Mahal, No Limitations, and Dati with guest Tippy Dos Santos. He will also perform a number from the movie IdoBidooBidoo.

Sam will also dish-out his own rendition of popular and current hits.
It will be a show that my fans will totally enjoy,” adds Sam. “We will celebrate years of friendship, love, good music and dances.

Check Sam's superb acting stint in one of "MMK's" episodes here

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