Jolina gives birth to a son

Will Jolina and Mark Escueta's first baby become a rock star like his dad or a celebrity like his mom?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/19/2014 in News
Jolina gives birth to a son

At 2:51pm of February 18, Jolina Magdangal gave birth to a healthy baby boy through caesarean operation at the Asian Hospital. 

She and her husband Mark Escueta named their son Pele Iñigo Escueta. 

Pele Iñigo Escueta is a healthy young baby boy with a weight of 6.8 lbs, height of 50 cm. and an APGAR score of 9-10. 

Everyone was overjoyed as soon as the delivery was finished. 

The proud dad adds, "Tuwang-tuwa yung doctors and nurses kasi ang puti daw ni Pele." 

Congratulations to Jolina and Mark! 

Did you know that Jolina’s movie under Star Cinema is “Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang?” Click here for more details. 

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