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Luis Manzano: 'I am proudly her boyfriend'

Luis Manzano finally confirms the real score between him and Angel Locsin; he also hints at a 2015 wedding.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/17/2014 in News
Luis Manzano: 'I am proudly her boyfriend'

During "Buzz ng Bayan's" February 16 episode, Luis Manzano boldly admitted that he and Angel Locsin have reconciled.

In the interview, Luis referred to himself as "proudly her (Angel Locsin) boyfriend." 

A lot of people have misunderstood Angel's confession in TV that he is still in love with him (Luis) after her break-up with Phil Younghusband.

He clears that before Angel's confession, they were already communicating for quite some time.
"We were already enjoying each other's company then," Luis said, but he clarified that he is not the cause of Angel-Phil Younghusband's break-up. 

"How is that even possible? For 3 years na walang text, walang kahit ano. In fact, Angel's even scared to see me for the first time dahil iniisip niya na it would be too much negativity between the two of us."

When asked by host Boy Abunda if they are ready to take their relationship to the next level, Luis happily replied, "this year, maybe not. 2015, we'll call you."

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