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#TheLegalWifeEpisode15: The Kiss

After playfully running along the seashore, Adrian and Monica kissed. Is Monica ready to give her love to Adrian?

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Star Cinema Admin

2/15/2014 in News
#TheLegalWifeEpisode15: The Kiss

After Adrian (Jericho Rosales) admitted his feelings to Monica (Angel Locsin), they have shared a long lasting kiss along the seashore. 
They returned to their officemates with smiling faces. But, Monica’s expression changed when she got a call from her brother Javvy (Joem Bascon) who wants her to go back home because their father Javier (Christopher De Leon) learned that she went to Daet. 
On the last day of the commercial shoot, Miguel (Bernard Palanca) arrived. Both Monica and Adrian were shocked.
Miguel treated the crew of the commercial shoot and Monica thanked him for this.
Meanwhile, he asked Monica if he can go back home with him because he has a chopper.
Adrian got jealous so he got in Miguel’s way and gave Monica her food. Miguel seemed to notice Adrian's affection towards Monica.
As soon as the commercial shoot was finished, Miguel was persuading Monica to go back home with him. But, Adrian stopped Miguel and told him that he should let Monica choose where she will ride. 
Monica said sorry to Miguel and chose to return with Adrian and her officemates, making Adrian very happy.

As Monica got home, Miguel was already together with his father as they are eating together with Javier. Monica excused herself for she is already tired from the commercial shoot.
  Meanwhile, Adrian can’t help but worry as he has a rival in the affection of Monica. But, he has been assured by the sweet text messages he got from Monica.
Monica told her mother Eloisa (Rio Locsin) that she saw her Tatay Dante (Mark Gil), which was overheard by Javier.
While Monica’s relationship with Adrian is getting better, Nicole (Maja Salvador) has a lot of problems to deal with.
She was released from the hospital, but she thinks that everyone will leave her, even her grandfather. Her grandpa replied that he cares and he never wanted Nicole to grow just like her mother – weak and unable to fight for herself.
As Nicole is still depressed over Max’s (JC De Vera) rejection, her work is being affected by everything she is going through.
UP NEXT ON "THE LEGAL WIFE:" After Nicole resolved to stand up after Max’s rejection, there will be a confrontation between her and Audrey (Carla Humphries). Will Adrian really get Monica's "yes?" Or, will Miguel find his way to Monica's heart? Find it out on Monday, “The Legal Wife,” 9:15 p.m., after “Got to Believe.”

For more details about this teleserye, visit www.thelegalwife.abs-cbn.com.

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