Rex Smith insults Charice

Charice's camp is seeking for an apology from American singer Rex Smith for allegedly insulting the Pinay singer during a rehearsal in Cebu.

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2/15/2014 in News
Rex Smith insults Charice

After the alleged insult made by the American singer Rex Smith to Charice last February 11 in Cebu, Glenn Aldueza, the manager of Charice, released a statement seeking for a personal and sincere apology from Smith.

The statement said, "I'm not just speaking for Charice, but for other local artists, as well We give respect to all visiting foreign acts, so I hope they reciprocate."
The event producer Renen de Guia said that it was not Smith's intention to go onstage and shout at Charice and her group.

"It was a case of misunderstanding. He was not even aware that there will be another act featured before him which was Charice. It was a corporate event," he further adds. "Rex loves Filipinos immensely and Filipinos love him back. I went to Charice and her group to sincerely apologize about the incident that we really didn't know that she was doing a sound check."

Accoriding to Aldueza, Smith allegedly shouted at Charice while she was doing a sound check in preparation to a corporate event saying, "A foreigner (Smith) came up to the stage and then he pointed his finger to Charice and told Charice, 'Can you please stop what you are doing?'"

Smith became popular with hits like "Simply Jessie" and "You Take My Breath Away."

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