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#TheLegalWifeDay13: The first 'almost' kiss of Monica and Adrian; Max chooses Audrey; Nicole sulks

Are best friends Monica and Nicole sharing the same fate in men?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/13/2014 in News
#TheLegalWifeDay13: The first 'almost' kiss of Monica and Adrian; Max chooses Audrey; Nicole sulks

As soon as Monica (Angel Locsin) heard that Adrian (Jericho Rosales) has a problem with his brother, she immediately went to the precinct to check up on him. When Monica was offering help, Adrian, with voice raised, wanted her to leave and go home instead.

Meanwhile, Max (JC De Vera) held a photo shoot for him and Nicole (Maja Salvador).

Monica called Nicole to ask her to go to the commercial shoot with her to forget about Max and to show her where she grew up, but Nicole declined her offer. Nevertheless, Monica is proud of Nicole that she is finally avoiding Max, but in reality, Nicole is with Max.
As Monica finished shopping, she saw Nicole and Max walking sweetly while holding hands.
Monica then confronted Nicole.
Monica furiosly asked, “Akala ko tapos ka na sa lalaking ‘yan?”
Nicole sarcastically replied, "Oo nga pala, sorry. Dapat pala nagpaalam ako sa’yo.”
Then, an intense exchange of words came between the two "best friends." 
“Teka nga, saglit. Ikaw, ano bang alam mo sa pagmamahal? Wala naman, ‘di ba?,” Nicole asked.
“Okay, buhay mo ‘yan ‘di ba? ‘Wag kang iiyak sa akin pag sinaktan ka ng lalakin ‘yan ha,” Monica replied.
As things were becoming better between Max and Nicole, Audrey messaged Max. Max was sleeping so Nicole was the one who replied using Max’s account that it’s time for them [Max and Audrey] to move on because he already has someone else he loves.
Meanwhile, Adrian is blaming himself for raising his voice against Monica which made him think twice whether or not he will still go to the commercial shoot.
But in the end, Adrian still came. Their officemates teased Adrian to fix things between him and Monica. He said sorry to her, admitted that it was his fault and that he didn’t really mean it because he doesn’t want Monica to see him in that state.
Monica forgave Adrian but still, they’re not yet talking.
Meanwhile, Nicole saw Max and Audrey hugging each other. She confronted Max if her love isn’t enough for him. But he said, that he can’t teach his heart on who to love. And he chose Audrey leaving Nicole aside.
Adrian went out of his way to talk to Monica but she refused for she felt that he is already drunk. But Adrian thanked Monica for being a good friend to him, to which Monica got mad at.
And then, Adrian became more confused. If being torpe was his first problem in Monica, now, he doesn’t understand why she acted that way.
Monica answered that she has misinterpreted all those sweet messages that made her think that they have a connection. But now, everything is clear to her now that she knows that they are only friends.
And then, as Adrian tries to hear more of Monica’s explanation, they tripped and almost kissed.

UP NEXT: Meanwhile, Adrian will find a way for Monica and her Tatay Dante to meet. Will they have a chance to meet or will Javier (Christopher De Leon) stop them? Find it out tomorrow on “The Legal Wife,” 9:15 p.m., after “Got to Believe.”

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