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#QuoteFromTheStars: Maricel Soriano hates a parasite

The Diamond Star Maricel Soriano pictures a woman of resiliency amidst marital breakdown in "Separada."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/12/2014 in News
#QuoteFromTheStars: Maricel Soriano hates a parasite
Director Chito S. Roño's "Separada," starring the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano and Edu Manzano, is best remembered because of the conversation below:

Melissa: Sige iwan mo'ko! Get out of my house! Oo, bahay ko 'to! Bahay ko 'to dahil ako ang nagbabayad ng ilaw, ako ang nagbabayad ng tubig! Get out of my house! I don't need a parasite!

Dodie: And I don't need a part time wife.

"Separada" follows the story of Melissa (played by Maricel), who was left by her husband Dodie (Edu Manzano), when he impregnated his mistress Sandy (Sharmaine Arnaiz).

Another memorable line from another strong female Star Cinema character here.

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