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‘FOREVERMORE:’ Liza Soberano confesses feelings for Enrique Gil

Zander (Enrique Gil) professes his love for Agnes (Liza Soberano) in public once again.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/17/2014 in News
‘FOREVERMORE:’ Liza Soberano confesses feelings for Enrique Gil

In the December 16 episode of “Forevermore,” Betina (Lilet) tells Agnes (Liza Soberano) not to expect that Zander (Enrique Gil) will love her for real as he is only trying to get away from what he is destined to be—heir of Grande.

A hurting Agnes returns to the dining table as Kate (Sofia Andres) presents her torte filled with the strawberry jam that she made.

As Zander notices the sadness in Agnes’ eyes so he assures her and everyone in the dining table that what he feels for Agnes is real and will last for a lifetime saying: “Ikaw ang pagmamahal na hindi ko tatakbuhan, ang ipaglalaban ko hanggang sa huli, hanggang sa huling hininga ko.”

Agnes walks out from the dining room. Zander immediately follows her to ask if he said something wrong. Agnes then confesses that she hates herself for not being as brave as Zander in proclaiming what he feels, until she thoughtlessly spills that she is also in love with Zander.

Elated Zander brings Agnes in their special place where he tells her how La Presa has changed him into a better person and most especially, he credits Agnes for teaching him how to love.

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