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‘FOREVERMORE:’ Sofia Andres cries over Enrique Gil

Should Xander (Enrique Gil) give his relationship with Kate (Sofia Andres) another chance?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/15/2014 in News
‘FOREVERMORE:’ Sofia Andres cries over Enrique Gil

In the December 12 episode of “Forevermore,” although Kate (Sofia Andres) is putting a front that she is over with her ex-boyfriend Xander (Enrique Gil) who is now in love with Agnes (Liza Soberano), she still couldn’t deny the fact that she is hurting that Xander is no longer in love with her.

Kate confesses that she is still in love with Xander to her friend JM (Marco Gumabao) but he is honest enough to tell her “maybe your relationship with Xander isn’t worth fighting for.”

Meanwhile, Xander takes a day off from work to help the people of La Presa harvest their strawberry and of course, to assist Agnes in making strawberry jams ordered by Kate.

While Alex (Zoren Legaspi) is delighted that Xander did not cut his ties from the people La Presa, Betina (Lilet) thinks that they are bad influence on Xander so arranged a meeting with their lawyer to request for a faster process of acquiring the land of La Presa.

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