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‘Forevermore:’ Liza Soberano ‘sabotages’ Enrique Gil?

Has Agnes (Liza Soberano) gone too far in “punishing” Xander (Enrique Gil)?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/6/2014 in News
‘Forevermore:’ Liza Soberano ‘sabotages’ Enrique Gil?

In the Nov. 5 episode of “Forevermore,” Agnes (Liza Soberano) wants to teach Xander (Enrique Gil) a thing or two on being responsible.
In spite her good intentions, she resorts to “sabotaging” Xander by putting chickens inside his tent and making him fetch water from the far side of the mountain (when in fact, she just turned off the source of the water supply).
This does not sit well with her Papang Buboy (Joey Marquez), who tells Agnes that no matter how much headache Xander has caused them, she need not to do those things.
Meanwhile, Alex (Zoren Legaspi) is having difficulty finding a lot for the agricultural resort that he’s planning to have built.
His partner Bettina (Lilet), Xander’s mother, nonetheless, may have just found a way to help him. Will she succeed?
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