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Newlyweds Jennica Garcia, Alwyn Uytingco soon-to-be parents

Jennica Garcia is five weeks pregnant.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/26/2014 in News
Newlyweds Jennica Garcia, Alwyn Uytingco soon-to-be parents

Last Sunday, November 23, Jennica Garcia revealed that she is pregnant with her first child with husband Alwyn Uytingco via Image sharing site Instagram by uploading a snapshot of her and Alwyn holding their child’s ultrasound picture.

“As all my followers know by now, Alwyn and I got married Feb. 12 this year. We announced it to the public last month, Oct. 14 and just recently... Nov. 17, nung Monday lang. I found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. c:,” she captions.

According to Jennica, the announcement was made, so she could seek prayers from everyone as she is having a risky pregnancy.

“I decided to share the good news to everyone right away so that I could get more people to help me pray for our baby,” she explains. “Please help us pray for my bleeding to stop, na maging makapit si baby and for the Lord to continue providing for our growing family. <3 Thank you and have a happySunday!!! 0:3 #BedRest #BabyUytingco.”

She reposted the same ultrasound picture to pinpoint that her baby is currently as small as an orange seed.

"Ang liit ng baby ko, kasing laki ng orange seed hehe! ❤️ Baby sac and food sac pa lang daw. The Doctor is expecting the heart to form and beat this week. My faith in the Lord is growing stronger with the help of those who are posting comments that you will pray with Alwyn and I. Mahal namin kayo at salamat ng marami. :D #5weeks,” she says.

Congratulations Jennica and Alwyn!

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