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'Forevermore:' Liza, Enrique share legendary twin strawberries.

Legend has it that two people who share twin strawberries will be bound by love.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/25/2014 in News
'Forevermore:' Liza, Enrique share legendary twin strawberries.

In the Nov. 24 episode of "Forevermore," Agnes (Liza Soberano) and Xander (Enrique Gil) spend a whole day together, burying negative memories at the Cemetery of Negativism, boating, eating papaitan, and spontaneously performing at a cultural show.

Xander offers to treat Agnes to whatever she wants from Andrew's (Yves Flores) ukay-ukay shop. He, however, is not there but at the hospital because of his swollen leg.

That's when Xander learns through Agnes that Drew is an orphan.

Realizing that they are drawn together by the fact that they were left behind or neglected by their loved ones, Xander, Agnes, and even a sleeping Drew, make a pact to stick to each other no matter what.

Will they be able to fulfill this after Xander and Agnes both eat from the same twin strawberries? Legend has it that these will unite the hearts of those who eat them.

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