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‘Forevermore:’ Enrique Gil recounts painful childhood memory

Xander (Enrique Gil) recalls how he lost his younger brother.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/19/2014 in News
‘Forevermore:’ Enrique Gil recounts painful childhood memory

Xander (Enrique Gil) went the extra mile to win Agnes’ (Liza Soberano) trust by finding her missing mother by locating a woman named Venus Milano from the town of La Bongga.
Xander hesitantly brought Niknok with him who pleaded to join him on his mission.

They set foot in La Bongga and found Venus who offered them some snack. Niknok who has eaten a lot, defecated. Xander hurriedly went back to Venus’ house to ask for water and paper that would clean Niknok up. However, Niknok was already gone to the spot where he left him.

It took him a night to find Niknok with the help of Agnes, Mang Buboy (Joey Marquez), Nanay Mirasol (Irma Adlawan), and Banky (Nonong Bangkay).

Agnes taunted Xander for being irresponsible.

Xander’s memory rushed back to the moment when he lost his younger brother Basty in a camping gone wrong.

It turns out that Xander couldn’t still forgive himself for losing his brother and he feels that his parents have not forgiven him as well.

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