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'Forevermore:' Enrique Gil works hard to deserve a 2nd chance

Will the folks of La Presa forgive Xander (Enrique Gil) for what he did?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/15/2014 in News
'Forevermore:' Enrique Gil works hard to deserve a 2nd chance

In the Nov. 14 episode of "Forevermore," the people of La Presa finds it hard to forgive Xander (Enrique Gil) after he fails to make it to the Strawberia Festival pageant.

Agnes (Liza Soberano) is the most hurt, for she had to perform all on her own while Xander struggled to fix all the necessary permits needed to legitimatize the business event he mounted with his friends in Manila.

Xander exhausts all means to appease the La Presa folks, from preparing coffee, cutting logs, making a bonfire, fetching water for all of them... He even serenaded them, but in vain.

The first who opened his heart and lent his ears is his "mentor" Kuya Bangky (Nonong Bangkay), who finally understood Xander's plight and how he never intended to leave Agnes hanging.

It was also Kuya Bangky who explained to Buboy (Joey Marquez) and company Xander's side. They eventually decided to make peace with the repentant lad.

Now Xander only has one person left to make amends with: Agnes.

Will she forgive him?

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