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On Cam: Piolo proposes to Iza

Gin (Piolo Pascual) and Bianca (Iza Calzado) take a step closer to forever. The journey, however, won't be smooth.

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Star Cinema Admin

10/7/2014 in News
On Cam: Piolo proposes to Iza

On "Hawak Kamay," Gin (Piolo Pascual) knows in his heart that it's Bianca (Iza Calzado) he wants to spend forever with, so he decides to propose to her.

Ecstatic with the thought that they will now have a "Mamay," Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla), Dara (Xyriel Manabat), and Ningning (Yesha Camile) help Gin out in pulling off the surprise for Bianca.

Lorrie (Andrea Brillantes), who has accepted Gin's love for her mom, also lends a hand in the preparations.

Everything seems perfect, except for the fact that Bianca's father (Leo Rialp) refuses to accept Gin as his daughter's future husband.

John Arcilla, Alex Gonzaga meet in 'limbo'

On "Pure Love," Diane (Alex Gonzaga) mends her ties with Scheduler (Matt Evans) after telling him that he's Jake, Ysabel's deceased love, and distracting them from their mission.

Scheduler makes her promise that she won't tell Ysabel that she knows him, to which Diane agrees.

Meanwhile, Peter (John Arcilla) goes through a near-death experience during his brain surgery, leading him to meet Diane's spirit.

Christopher discovers Amy and Kim's 'lies'

On "Ikaw Lamang," Andrea (Kim Chiu) pours out her anxieties to Gabriel's (Coco Martin) family over what could her father Franco (Christopher de Leon) do to her mother Isabelle (Amy Austria) once he finds out that her memory has been intact all this time.

Before they could even do anything, Tessa (Mylene Dizon) shows Franco a video recording of Isabelle talking about the truth, to his rage.

He hurts Isabelle, and even Andrea, and takes them to a different house where they could never get out.

Bea reunites with sister Michelle

On "Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon," everything's all set for Violet’s (Michelle Vito) debut, when she gets whisked away in a car driven by someone she doesn’t know.
Until the driver reveals herself: Emmanuelle (Bea Alonzo).
Emmanuelle finally reveals that she’s Rose, and explains to Violet how she survived and what she’s fighting for.
However, their bittersweet reunion gets cut short when Emmanuelle gets arrested for allegedly kidnapping Violet.
Watch episodes of "Pure Love," "Hawak Kamay," "Ikaw Lamang," and "Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon" on iwantv.com.ph.

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