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Liza, Enrique meet by accident

What happened in the pilot episode of “Forevermore”?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/28/2014 in News
Liza, Enrique meet by accident

The newest Primetime Bida teleserye, “Forevermore,” premiered last night, Oct. 27, offering a glimpse of the lives of the lead characters before their fateful first meeting.

Agnes (Liza Soberano) is a farm girl who lives with her Papang (Joey Marquez) and sells strawberries and other vegetables for a living.

One morning, Aling Garrieta (Luz Fernandez), owner of the land they’re tilling, storms their community to collect payment for rent.

Agnes makes a deal with Aling Garrieta: that they would pay the P40,000 rent they owe her, or else, goodbye farm.

Agnes and Papang have high hopes that they, together with their fellow farmers, will collect the needed amount.

However, a guy who was parachuting falls over their truckload of strawberries, ruining their harvest: Xander (Enrique Gil).

Xander is a rich boy with a not-so-happy family. In spite of his family owning a premiere hotel in Baguio, Xander has a problematic relationship with his parents (Zoren Legaspi and Lilet).

Directed by box office love storyteller Cathy Garcia-Molina and produced by Star Creatives (“Princess and I,” “Got to Believe,” “The Legal Wife”), “Forevermore” premieres on Oct. 27 on Primetime Bida.

Watch episodes of “Forevermore” on iwantv.com.ph.

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