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What did Enchong Dee take off?

Enchong bared his deepest secret.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/26/2014 in News
What did Enchong Dee take off?

Once a Princess” was a heavy drama, romantic film, yet that didn’t prevent the cast from sharing a laugh or two from the “bloopers” during shooting.
These bloopers were shown on “Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan” yesterday, Oct. 25.

One of the highlights was the intense confrontation scene between Erich Gonzales and Matt Evans.
“You want to go back to the bottom of the franchise?!,” Matt exclaimed. Erich then corrected him, whispering “food chain.”
Marc provided these alternatives to Matt’s forgotten word: food court, football, foot spa, and fish ball.

In a scene on the beach, meanwhile, Enchong Dee was seen taking off his shorts, thus revealing his double undergarments!
Shown last August, “One a Princess” is the movie adaptation of the Precious Hearts Romances novel of the same title. It also starred JC de Vera.
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