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#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Gabby Concepcion visits his ‘carbon copy’ in the hospital

KC Concepcion gets a sweet visit from her father Gabby Concepcion.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/15/2014 in News
#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Gabby Concepcion visits his ‘carbon copy’ in the hospital

Veteran actor Gabby Concepcion paid a visit to his daughter KC Concepcion, who got hospitalized for dengue, a visit.

In an Instagram post uploaded by the actor earlier today, October 15, Gabby is seen cuddling his daughter who is lying on a hospital bed. KC’s expression shows no sign of any discomfort.

“My carbon copy little baby girl is sick :( but I am glad that she is recovering :) from H fever - Hemorrhagic Fever (dengue),” captions Gabby.
 He then urged everyone to use mosquito repellant to avoid dengue.

“Everyone, thank you for your prayers and use Citronella oil or any mosquito repellant. Prevention is better than cure,” stresses Gabby.

He adds, “I love you baby! @thisiskcconcepcion #tawatawa #youngkamote #keepyourchildclosebutyourOFFcloser #healthiswealth #daughter #health #family #carebear”

Few moments later, KC reposted the same photo to express her delight of how his father mastered the use of hashtags.

“My puhppy is really enjoying his hashtags. Hahaha!!!” she quips.

KC was confined in the hospital last October 12 after acquiring dengue fever. She was immediately visited by her close friends including her “Ikaw Lamang” co-stars such as Amy Austria and Alora Sasam.
Get well soon KC!

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