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Top family dramas from Star Cinema by Lista Macuja

We can always find a piece of ourselves in family dramas.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/13/2014 in News
Top family dramas from Star Cinema by Lista Macuja

Out of the many genres in film, family dramas tug the heartstrings best, because they show what we got, what we lost, or what we hope for when it comes to our own homes.
Star Cinema has never run out of stories to tell when it comes to the Filipino family. Here are some of the most memorable family dramas it has produced over the years.

Though “Anak” specifically tells a story of an OFW mother (Vilma Santos) trying to win back the respect and affection of her children with whom she got separated for years, it’s also a thoughtful representation of parent-child relationships in general. Everyone can learn a thing or two about the rebellious Carla’s (Claudine Barretto) mistakes and how Josie (Vilma) dealt with her. In the end, the film tells us that we don't just give up on our families.

Some marriages come with excess baggage. In the case of Mariel (Sharon Cuneta), she married Edward (Christopher de Leon) and his children (Claudine Barretto, Patrick Garcia, and Camille Prats). As she struggles to be the best wife she can be, Mariel also had to win over her stepchildren who are still longing for their real mother (Zsa Zsa Padilla). This battle is never easy, but if you do it for love, won’t it be worth all the pain?
Tanging Yaman

Ideally, a couple’s children should stay united no matter what. In the real world, however, sibling rivalry exists, and it sits at the core of this film. What “Tanging Yaman” teaches us is that no matter how deep the wounds are, there is room for forgiveness and acceptance, even if it seems too late.

In My Life

In families, it’s the parents who teach things to their children, may it be values, skills, or knowledge. Sometimes, though, it becomes the other way around, as in how Mark (Luis Manzano), with the help of his boyfriend Noel (John Lloyd Cruz), taught his mother Shirley the importance of freeing herself from anger and bitterness so she could be completely happy again.
The Trial

This year, Star Cinema brings another family drama via Chito Roño’s “The Trial.” Underneath the issue of whether mentally challenged individual Ronald (John Lloyd Cruz) indeed raped his teacher Bessy (Jessy Mendiola) or not, lies the heartfelt story of a family’s love in spite all trials.
“The Trial,” which also stars Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Sylvia Sanchez, Vince de Jesus, and Enrique Gil, opens in cinemas Oct. 15.
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