Xian Lim wants improvement this 2014

January 9, 2014

What does this young actor want to achieve this year?

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Xian Lim's career is on a steady rise, but he reveals that he wants to achieve more this year 2014.

"Ang dami ko po talagang gusto kong gawin," he shares. "Actually, I would consider myself lucky na nabibigyan ako ng mga ganitong breaks at chance."

With hit series and movies to his name plus multiple endorsements, Xian has stayed humble and down-to-earth.

"Konti pa lang naman ang nagagawa ko,” he says. “Gusto ko po yung action, heavy drama, maski 'yung mga psychopathic killer. As long as I can be versatile, gusto ko po 'yun."

During the “Bride for Rent” Bloggers’ conference, the actor revealed that he would be a blogger this year.

He pleads, " I would be a future blogger this year. Suportahan niyo po ako ah. xianlimm.com,"

At the movie “Bride for Rent”, he plays Rocco Espiritu. Directed by blockbuster director Mae Cruz and produced by Star Cinema; this film tells the story of Rocky de la Cruz who without knowing auditioned and qualified to be a (fake) wife for Rocco Espiritu who wants to inherit his grandmother’s riches.

“Bride for Rent” will open on January 15 on theaters nationwide.

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