The Most Promising Young Male Star is…

March 26, 2014

The former child sensation is now the "Most Promising Young Male Star." Who is he?

The Most Promising Young Male Star is… 940x280

After a week of voting, the fans have casted their vote on who is the most promising young male star – Nash Aguas!

Nash wins with a landslide vote percentage of 51.35%, making him the most promising young male star in the land today.

Here are some of his fans’ comments:


“Deserving si NASH AGUAS kc magaling syang actor. At kht anong role ang ibigay sa kanya maging drama,comedy,action pa yan ay kaya nyang gampanan. At marami siyang tagasuporta. At siguradong papatok ang magiging bago niyang project kung siya ang mapipili. #NashAguas.” - Rica Marienne M. Mediavillo

“He's deserving to win this award. As you can see, he's a very good actor. That's why THUMBS UP for you NASH AGUAS! ♥ You will win, have FAITH :) :*” - Nini

“NASH AGUAS kasi sa pinapakita niyang talents and skills. maraming nagsasabi na siya ang susunod sa yapak ni daniel padilla.. that's how promising he is.” - Czarina Joyce Celino

“Ang galing ni Nash umarte at napakatalented pa. Naniniwala ako sa kakayanan ni Nash kaya siya dapat maging the most promising young male star! Bagay na bagay sa kanya :))” - Amy Rosales

“Nash Aguas already proved to us ever since he was young that he is a one of a kind promsing star. At a very young age he was already given lead roles and sometimes roles from heavy drama shows like MMK. And that is enough to prove to you that he should win.” - EvilLeila

“Nash Aguas has a familiar face and name not only among kids but also to adults, and maintains his respectful and down-to-earth attitude in spite of the success and achievements he attained at a very young age. He is known to be the versatile child actor.” - ChristineLeynes

Meanwhile, Jairus Aquino fought until the end and landed to second spot, garnering a total vote percentage of 37.57%.

His fans say that whether Jairus wins or not, he will still be the most promising young male actor in their hearts.

Here are some of his fans’ comments:

“Jairus had proven before how he can capture people by his charisma and portray roles given to him with passion and greatness. Now, that he is a teen, he still has that factor and it seems improving, it's getting better. If this young actor will just be given an opportunity to prove it again-this time, we know that he'll beat it! Now, with wansa and luv u, he's expressing that star quality he has- talented, skilled and being loved by people.” - ginzae91

“Deserving manalo si Jairus Aquino go master jai . manalo man o matalo ikaw pa din boto ko.” - DanielaAusan

“Today, Tomorrow and Always... Jairus na yan hahahahaha he's worth voting for! hahahaha JaiLene ako forever kaya boto ako sa kanila sa lahat ng mga bagay! Go TeamJA20!” - Sharlene

“Jairus Aquino. Kung nung bata pa sya, naging remarkable na ang mga character ginampanan nya. How much more ngayon nasa teen stage na. With his acting skills at charm, he can make everyone love the character he portrays.Mapa-comedy, action at heavy drama man yan. Kayang kaya yan ng isang Jairus Aquino.” - ate03_jurgette

“Jairus Aquino kasi maraming fans ang nagwawala sa mga shows niya. Gwapo na nga siya, talented na, mabait pa! San ka pa?” - imaknaddict

Meanwhile, Jerome Ponce ranks 3rd as he earns a total vote percentage of 6.28%.

Here are some of what his fans’ say:


“Jerome Ponce is a very promising actor, according din yan kay @princessfrance :) He belong on Star Magic Circle 2013, one of the newest face of Star Magic. Rising star (Always nominated) Loveable to fans, talented and very humble! :)” - JerNellaBuddies

“Jerome Ponce is a promising actor ;)” - TeamJulRome

“Jerome Ponce ang bait at gwapo mo :D” - DollSam18

“Jerome Ponce has the potential :)” - jeromepislove

Earning a total vote percentage of 4%, Dominique Roque hits 4th place.

Here are his fans’ comments:

“for me... si Dominic Roque kasi very humble sya walang kaarte arte...!” - superaseret

“May kakaibang hugot sa pagarte si Dominic. Plus factor pa ang pagiging humble, mabait at pogi.” -DOMs_Republic

“Domininique Roque may potential siya maging future leading man.” - iamfhievy

“fOR Me it's Dominic Roque he deserves to be ''THE MOST PROMISING YOUNG MALE STAR '' :) good LUCK Dom I LOVE YOU Couz ... !” ☺ - Marjerie Orapa

“It’s Dominic Roque forever.” - iammarcjames13

Arjo Atayde came in 5th place as he earned a total vote percentage of 0.8%.

Arjo starred in series "Dugong Buhay," and in recent episodes of "MMK."

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