Kathryn Bernardo will have two debut party celebrations

March 5, 2014

The primetime teen queen Kathryn Bernardo will conduct two birthday celebrations - one for her family and one for her fans.

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"Got To Believe" star Kathryn Bernardo shares some details about her upcoming debut party.

Kathryn, who is about to turn 18 on March 26, reveals that she will have two birthday celebrations - one for her fans and her family.

"Sa March 29, dun ise-celebrate yung debut ko.'Yun 'yung pang personal. Kasama yung family and close friends." says Kathryn. 

"Tapos meron din isa pang party na yung fans naman, sila ang nag-arrange. So, parang dalawa ang magiging celebration ko."

Although Kathryn initially prefers a simple gathering, she accepted the grand debut party prepared by her fans to express gratitude over their unparalleled support for her through the years.

"Yung isa, inarrange talaga 'yun ng mga fans. Parang two years nilang pinag-ipunan, two years nilang inimagine so ibibigay ko 'yung day na 'yun sa kanila."

Her vintage inspired debut for her family and friends will have a motif of black, white, and pink.

Famous designer Francis Libiran describes the gowns he will make for Kathryn as simple and elegant.  

He adds, "Kathryn wants it in a light shade and misty rose. She wants a very dainty detail."

Kathryn's escort on her debut is her onscreen partner Daniel Padilla.

"I want him to sing (on my debut) ewan ko lang kung papayag s'ya," expresses Kathryn.

Even if she is about to reach "legal" age, Kathryn still prefers not to take things between her and Daniel a step further saying, 

"I think it's too early to be in a relationship. Pwede naman ma-enjoy n'yo ang company ng isa't isa kahit wala kayong labels."

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