Lea shares experience with fans that left her daughter ‘in tears, scared’
Lea won't back down from anyone, especially in defending her daughter. She shows how here:
by Marty Hsu
3/21/2017 in News
Lea shares experience with fans that left her daughter ‘in tears, scared’
This is what happens when fans get a little too excited and forget all about the rule of personal space and boundaries: You scare celebrities away and sometimes their children too.
And we all know how parents, especially moms, get when someone messes with their children.
On Twitter last Monday, March 20, Tony award-winning Broadway diva Lea Salonga shared her own experience with these kinds of fans and reminded her followers that celebrities are first and foremost humans, who also need basic respect no one should have to ask for.
It started when a group of fans approached her and her daughter Nicole Beverly, who later on came running back to her mom crying.
“Let me get this off my chest. There were some fans who yesterday approached my daughter. Afterwards she ran back to me in tears, scared,” said Lea.
She followed it with another tweet saying, “For the most part I try to be accommodating. But when you mess with my kid and make her cry, you've messed with me.”
“And you do not want to see me angry,” she added.
Then she made a plea on behalf of other celebrities who may go through the same thing. “If she develops a hatred for fans, I honestly cannot blame her. On behalf of all artists, please respect our personal space and boundaries.”
“I may have to start refusing photo requests from fans now. Thanks a lot, you guys. I hope you're proud of what you've done,” she continued then ended it with the hashtag “#MadMama.”
Tell ‘em, Lea!